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Artificial Intelligence Made Smarter

We help organizations produce higher quality artificial intelligence algorithms.  Easily make your products more profitable, outstanding, and accurate.  Our software services are free for academics.

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Our major advancements in artificial intelligence can lead to your software having unparalleled accuracy.  You don't need the biggest and most expensive datasets, highest salary artificial intelligence experts, or overpriced cutting edge computers to be competitive anymore.

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Meet your deadlines.  Out of the box, Integral Regularization © produces a higher quality result than the industry standard neural network regularization techniques (even after tuning their parameters for hours). 


With just a few lines of code, Integral Regularization © is seamlessly integrated into your organization's custom algorithms.  It's so easy that even interns can use it!

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We offer software to enable your organization's artificial intelligence to push its limits.  Our primary product is called, "Integral Regularization ©" which is a unique neural network regularization technique.  Integral Regularization © out performed all seven unique combinations of the standard neural network regularization techniques: activity, dropout, and kernel in all of our various trials.  For proof of its benefits please see our Proven Precision page.  To get a full commercial or free academic license, please see our Licenses page.

Our product is distributed as a Python software module that cannot be found anywhere else.  It is designed to be easily integrated into any custom code.  Runs on Linux (64-bit), Mac (64-bit), and Windows (64-bit) for Python 3.7+ and TensorFlow 2.0+, Keras (with TensorFlow back-end), or PyTorch 1.5+.  Upon requests sent to, our product can be made to run on other operating systems such as smart phones. 


Click the, "Download Trial" button below to get started with your one month free trial.  You will receive a zipped folder with our unique neural network regularization software and detailed instructions on how to best utilize it. 

Welcome to the next era of artificial intelligence!

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